Low FODMAP Pasta Sauces 

The low FODMAP diet definitely comes with its challenges, but one of the hardest foods for people to avoid during the short-term elimination are garlic and onion (part of the fructan group). As essential flavors in nearly all cuisines of cooking, it’s hard to imagine leaving it out! Plus, it’s hard to know what foods it’s in because it may not be visible to the human eye. The Italians out there know that no pasta sauce is complete without the garlic and onion! So what options are there for low FODMAP pasta sauces?

The good news for individual’s following this diet is that some popular pasta sauce brands have opted for “sensitive” recipes which leave out garlic and onion. This makes it suitable for the low FODMAP diet and also more tolerable for individuals with GERD or reflux. 

All products mentioned in this blog will omit the garlic and onion, but feel free to add garlic/onion infused oil to the sauce or make your own for that extra flavor punch! 

Certified Low FODMAP Pasta Sauces

FODY Pasta Sauce

FODY is a popular certified low FODMAP company providing sauces, dressings, seasonings, snacks, and more. The easiest place to find these products are online through their website. However, grocery stores are starting to put it on their shelves such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans, Harris Teeter, Giant, and more. Use the store locator on the FODY website to make your life easy!

jars of fody low fodmap pasta sauces and marinara

This brand offers 4 variations of flavors:

  • Marinara
  • Spicy Marinara
  • Tomato Basil
  • Vegan Bolognese


Offering a red wine Italian herbs pasta sauce and slow roasted vegetable tomato sauce, this brand serves their sauces in pouches instead of standard jars. However, this brand is sold in stores in Australia with minimal access in the US aside from Amazon. 

Rao’s Sensitive Pasta Sauce

This option is pretty well known and present in some of your organic markets and larger stores. The sensitive pasta sauce product is a bit harder to find but it is delicious! The price tag is a bit steep. Between $8-9 is what you should expect depending on the store. There is celery in this recipe. However, it is one of the last ingredients listed so should be tolerable for IBS individuals. 

Prego Sensitive Traditional 

Prego is offering a simple pasta sauce without garlic and onion fo  low FODMAP individuals. This convenient option is widely available in stores like Kroger and Safeway. Plus, the price is extremely reasonable. Expect anywhere between $2.30-3.00 for a 23 oz jar.

Thrive Market Organic Marinara Tomato sauce

Thrive Market is a membership-based grocery service that offers individuals on restrictive diets a relatively good variety. Many of my clients use this service for products they are unable to find in local grocery stores. This pasta sauce is low FODMAP certified so if you have an existing account, look no further!

Non-Certified Pasta Sauces

For the non-certified pasta sauces, start with a small amount and proceed with caution. Everyone has their own level of tolerance so keep that in mind during your next shopping trip.

Sprouts Sensitive Recipe Pasta Sauce

Offered at a surprisingly reasonable price for an organic product ($4.29), it is worth checking out! The main difference in this recipe is the use of diced tomatoes in a tomato juice. Tomato juice is low FODMAP at 90 grams or 1/3 of a cup. 

Mezzetta Sensitive Marinara Sauce

You may have heard of this company as they are huge supplies of jarred peppers, olives, and more. This product is only available directly from their website or from Amazon. If you are a Prime member, check it out.

Lucini Organic Sensitive Marinara Pasta Sauce

This pasta sauce is available online through world market. If you are unable to find the other brands mentioned, it is worth checking out or ordering online! This is the only option that includes zucchini, which can be high fodmap at ½ of a cup. With that said, proceed with caution. 

Considering the first 5 pasta sauces on this blog are low FODMAP, I would suggest looking for these first when you’re about to make your next pasta dish. If you are unable to locate any and happen to see the additional brands I listed, try them in small amounts before piling the sauce onto your pasta. 

Make Your Own Quick Low FODMAP Pasta Sauce

If you prefer to make your own sauce at home and save some money, here is a recipe worth trying! Our Low FODMAP Marinara Sauce is so quick and easy and should make around 6-8 servings depending on how much sauce you like.

bowl of bowtie pasta topped with low FODMAP marinara and parmesan cheese

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