What is the Nourishly App?


I just got off a call with Jenna Tregarthen from Recovery Record and Nourishly.  We have used the Recovery Record app over the last few years to communicate with our clients in between appointments. Recovery Record is designed to work with clients in recovery from eating disorders.  We have always wanted a Health At Every Size app that would be designed to work with the rest of our clients at Rebecca Bitzer & Associates: A Dietitian for Every Condition.  Our wishes have been answered with the brand new Nourishly app. The Nourishly app is set up with work with multiple nutrition-related health issues.

Connected care=behavior change!!

What helps people make healthier choices? Feeling supported is key. We believe Connected care=behavior change!! As we  know from our years of working with Recovery Record and our clients connection improves results. So we are excited to add Nourishly to our tool box to help our clients.


The Nourishly app is AMAZING!!

What we love about Nourishly:

We love the app’s focus on building good relationship with food and your body. And we love the health at every size messaging. This may surprise and confuse you at first but you will soon love it! What we mean is that this app does not count calories eaten or burned. It instead focuses on the positive aspects of nutrition and body image without any traditional “dieting” behaviors.  You will find this app not only a relief, but also very empowering as you work with us.

Instead of tracking calories, the app will ask you:

“how happy are you with your food choices for this meal?”


Nourishly app has THREE new apps including one for:

  • General nutrition
  • Diabetes
  • Gastrointestinal (IBS)

Now you will be able to communicate with us in between appointments using an app that is custom tailored to your needs.  Your dietitian can even set up individualized care plans for you. In addition to the care plans, you can also set up goals (called missions).  The extra fun part of this app is that is sends you GIFs as you track your progress to keep you motivated. You can even request dog or cat GIFs based on your preferences.  

Will the nourishly app work with multiple health issues?

We can customize your meal plan and the interaction with the Nourishly app.  For instance, if you have diabetes and also struggle with digestive issues. We can customize the general app to meet all your health needs.


The Nourishly app is free to download.

There so many fun things about this app:

  • Meal logging with words and photos
  • Take photos of your food
  • Your Registered Dietitian can provide feedback directly through the app
  • You can search their 500 recipe database
  • Search meals by category
  • Communicate with your dietitian
  • Get inspiration directly from the app
  • We will help customize this app for you
  • Clients get photo and GIF rewards sent to you for tracking
    • either cat or dog photos-you get to choose.
  • Goals are called missions! Love that.


Even More Benefits of Nourishly:

For people with tummy troubles:

  • The Gastrointestinal version (for IBS) has a FODMAP lookup feature
  • Food tracking with words, photos and descriptions
  • Stool tracking and more


For people with diabetes:

  • Body positive messaging and diabetes
  • We love the health at every size messaging #HAES
  • You can track your sleep
  • Medication reminders
  • Insulin tracking
  • Blood glucose tracking
  • Sleep tracking
  • Exercise tracking
  • Duke University has been using Nourishly
    • Duke did clinical trials with people with both diabetes and eating disorders
    • Got amazing results
      • Better insulin management and blood glucose
      • And decreased diabetes distress  

diabetes nutrition app

How much does Nourishly cost?

The app is a FREE nutrition tracking/logging tool. Our dietitians have a variety of plans to choose from based on how connected you need to be in between appointments.  Some people like daily feedback, others like to use the app to track their own progress and share the log at their nutrition appointments. We will work with you to help you make the best progress for you.


The good news is that Medicare has a billing code that will cover the cost of using this app with your Registered Dietitian. As you may know, once Medicare approves a service, the other insurance plans quickly adapt the same coverage.

Soon we will have our own Rebecca Bitzer & Associates: A Dietitian for Every Condition approved meal plans with this app. These plans will be for our clients only to help you be successful.

Another teaser:

A grocery shopping list is coming soon.

Need a dietitian to help manage your diabetes? See how we can help.

Contact your dietitian and see how you can use Nourishly by calling our office at 301-474-2499 or emailing us directly at admin@rbitzer.com.

Or simply email your dietitian and ask for their unique link so you can start communicating via the Nourishly app today!

Rebecca Bitzer loves to empower Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) and their clients.  Co-author of Welcome to the Rebelution: Seven steps to the nutrition counseling practice of your dreams and  Taste the Sweet Rebellion: Rebel against dieting.