Klara Knezevic RD, LD

Registered Dietitian
Dana Magee

Klara graduated with a double degree in Psychology and Dietetics from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Klara is a culinary nutritionist, and is passionate about teaching people that you can cook delicious and healthy food at home!

She entertains and inspires clients with joyful cooking demonstrations in the office and for local TV shows.


  • Wellness
  • Eating Disorders
  • Tube Feeding
  • Cancer
  • Gastrointestinal Wellness

  • Culinary Nutritionist




  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist


  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)
  • Oncology Nutrition (ON) Dietetic Practice Group
  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) Dietetic Practice Group
  • Sports,Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) Dietetic Practice Group
  • Academy of Eating Disorders (AED)


  • Outstanding Dietetic Student of the Year 2015
  • Runs RBA’s robust recipe feature on our website


More About Klara

Klara was born in Croatia but has been a resident of the DC Metro Area for most of her life. Growing up in a family where food plays a huge role in the culture, Klara always loved spending days cooking with her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. As she grew older, she realized that not everyone had the same positive relationship with food that she did. Klara works to help people meet their nutrition goals in a healthful and positive manner. Klara wants to empower her clients to get back in the kitchen, eat well, enjoy life and not let food stand in the way of what really matters. Whether you are a novice in the kitchen, or a seasoned chef, Klara will work with you to help you reach your nutrition goals. 

Klara loves to bake, decorate cakes, and try new recipes in her kitchen. One of her favorite hobbies is trying out new restaurants and recreating their dishes at home. In her spare time, Klara also likes to dance and sing around her apartment and watch way too much Food Network.


Happy Clients

“I said to myself, “What could this person do for me that I cannot do for myself?” Well, Klara definitely opened my eyes to a way of looking at food differently. She’s not your typical dietitian who says food is evil and don’t eat, this, that or that. She helped me better understand portion control and what she calls “fun foods”.

“Klara has helped my diet with foods I still love, given me AWESOME recipes, recommended great exercise activities and routines, and, what I appreciate the most, does not judge me for who I am as a person in respect to my weight and eating habits.”

“Klara was so supportive and eager to help.  There was so much emphasis on the positive decisions made each week, and many helpful discussions about how to maintain a good feeling about my day to day life.  She had many wonderful suggestions, tips, recipes, and resources.”

“My A1c dropped from a 10.2 to 7.3% from our work together over the past 3 months, and I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am!”

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