Food Sensitivities

How We Can Help


Symptoms and conditions related to food sensitivities

Your inflammatory reaction to 30 food chemicals and 120 foods

How to prepare enjoyable, sensitivity-free meals for yourself and your family


Create a personalized elimination diet

Meal plan recipes for meals and snacks that include foods that are safe for you


Stop digestive problems, headaches, joint pain, muscle pain, and fatigue

Reduce reliance on medication

Confidently eat while traveling and in all social situations that involve food

Improve your energy and mood

Happy Clients

“This patient’s real improvement came with the dietary treatment by Dana Magee and she now knows that she has sensitivity to many things and if she limits the amount of food, she tends to feel better. She is doing much better, and I urge her to continue seeing the dietitian”
~ Physician of Dana’s Patient

“Dana has been the one person that has truly listened to me as I have struggled with sinus polyps and inflammation.  As a Certified LEAP Therapist, she suggested that food sensitivities may be contributing to my allergies and inflammation. After 27 years of allergy suffering, I am amazed at how minimal my symptoms now are and how much better I actually feel.”

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