Nut free grocery shopping with a soy and nut sensitivity/allergy can be quite the task.  Soy seems to be in everything making it hard to find convenient items for on the go.  Nuts are a staple in quick and nutritious snacks and bars taking away yet another on the go option.  Put them together and you could spend hours reading labels in the grocery store.  Lucky for you, I did some homework.  After giving a grocery tour with these restrictions I realized that the research I did could help others spend less time in the grocery store and more time enjoying their food! As with any allergen, always take a look at the label before consuming as companies can change their ingredients and manufacturing practices over time. If you are dealing with a food allergy look for products that are not made in a facility that also manufactures products with nuts and soy.

Nut free and soy free products

The focus of my mission was on the go and quick options to make life just a little easier!  These products can be found at Wegmans. As you know the beauty of Wegmans is walking into the sea of color in their produce section.  Now of course do go for the fruits and veggies, which are soy and nut free by nature.   Aside from the produce I wanted to draw attention to some other products I came across for those busy, hectic days.

Clean and Cut Veggies

Yes you CAN clean and trim your own green beans AND you can also have these in the fridge for that day in the week that gets away from you and you have the option to simply steam the bag in the microwave or dump on a sheet pan with some olive oil and seasoning to roast them.  You are not cheating or lazy, you are practical and nourished!

veggie slawveggie slaw

Veggie Slaws

I am always looking for easy ways to get more veggies during the day.  We start with good intentions and may find quite the variety at the grocery store! But, we may also find we throw them away later in the week after they have been left wilting in the fridge.  Slaws are a great way to get another serving of veggies in your day- dump in a bowl with a vinaigrette or toss into a pan for a quick stir fry.  

veggie slaw

Vegetable Slaw

veggie slaw

Vegetable Slaw

Carrot Chips

I find these to be tastier and more versatile than baby carrots- it makes a perfect vehicle for dip (like hummus!)

Black Bean Dip

Paired with some corn chips, this makes a quick and easy high protein snack.  Many people find it hard to get more legumes in their diet and I find a dip (either bought or homemade) is a great way to incorporate more into your day! High in fiber for good digestion:)

Black Bean Dip

Black Bean Dip


Love them or hate them?  This seems to be a food that people are divided on.  Personally I love olives!  Kalamata, black, or green!  They are a quick and filling snack with heart healthy fat.  And plus, they are easy to buy and have on hand from the olive bar or jar.  

Banza Chickpea Pasta Products

Banza makes a high protein pasta option that comes with a helping of fiber as well. Another great way to get more legumes into your diet!

Chickpea Pasta

Chickpea Pasta

Barbara’s Squarefuls Cereal

A high fiber, low sugar cereal for a quick breakfast or snack option.  Add a sprinkle of ground flax seed on top to add a bit more heart healthy fat, protein and fiber to help make the cereal more satisfying.

high fiber, low sugar cereal

high fiber, low sugar cereal


For anyone trying to gain weight, this protein shake is great to have in addition to meals or to serve as a backup for on the go meals. This shake that tastes good, is fortified,  and has no nuts or soy (also gluten and dairy free for those that are sensitive).

Manitoba Harvest Hemp seeds & Protein Powder

A protein source for smoothies, pancake or waffle mix. You can also add it into oatmeal to balance out your meals!

Nut free butter:


Nuts and seeds provide so much nutrition that helps us to feel full and satisfied, fuel our brains, stabilize our blood sugar and energy levels,and provide fiber to our diets.  If nuts are out of the question for you, don’t discount seeds!  Sun butter is convenient for ants on a log (sun butter on celery with raisins), on apples or bananas, on waffles or toast, in smoothies.

sunbutter Nut Free

Seed Powered Bars

Bars, there are so many out there! However, once you filter through the ones with nuts and soy the list is much shorter. Here is what I found!

  • Enjoy life bars
  • Green powered Everbar
  • Go Macro sun butter bar
  • Amitra pineapple chia,  mango coconut, chocolate maca bars
  • Health warrior pumpkin seed
  • Made good bars

Seed powered bars

Seed powered bars

Seed powered bars

Epic Jerky

Protein in snacks can be hard to find so this jerky is a quick option that comes in multiple flavors including beef, chicken, bison.

Wild Planet Canned Tuna & Salmon

On the go for snacks or lunches, either plain or seasoned.  Make tuna or salmon salad with some  greek yogurt or using oil and vinegar or even mashed avocado.

Canned Tuna

Canned Tuna & Salmon

Peas Please, Hippeas, Enlightened Broad beans

Crunchy, salty, savory snacks that have protein and fiber leaving you more satisfied than your average potato chip.

Enlightened Broad Beans

Enlightened Broad Beans

Cucina and Amore Quinoa meal

A flavorful way to introduce quinoa into your diet.  Already cooked and ready to mix.  Great to keep in the office for days you forget your lunch or need something to hold you over until dinner leaving the office late.

Quinoa meal

Quinoa meal

What are you favorite nut free products?

Looking for more guidance to thrive with your food sensitivities?  Meet with our Registered Dietitian Dana Magee RD, LD, CLT to be evaluated for food sensitivities and or how to enjoy a healthy, varied and stress free  diet with your sensitivities and allergies. Contact us here or at 301-474-2499 or email at for more information.

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Dana uses her advanced training in functional nutrition and food sensitivities to help her clients love and trust food again as they heal from years of painful symptoms that have dominated their lives. Co-author of Nourished: 10 Ingredients to Happy, Healthy Eating and Cooking with Food Sensitivities Survival Guide.