If you are reading this, you have probably heard of MRT Mediator Release Testing or LEAP testing. Are you ready to take a positive step to help you discover and manage your food sensitivities?

What is MRT Mediator Release Testing?

Are you struggling with debilitating symptoms that are keeping you from enjoying the things that are the most important to you? Have you missed days at work or school or turned down social events because of the pain of migraines, IBS or arthritis? We can help you get back out there with MRT/LEAP food sensitivity testing!  It is so rewarding to be able to offer my clients a better quality of life. For them to start feeling better and living their life on their terms.

To do this I work with the team at Oxford Biomedical Technologies, which is the lab that provides the MRT (Mediated Response Test). This is a blood test that tests for 30 chemicals and 120 foods to determine your level of food sensitivities to these items.

From these results we create your LEAP protocol, which is an elimination diet like no other. It uses your results to create a plan to eliminate the triggering foods and get your body back to health.

We start with your least reactive foods and continue to add in foods to confirm they are safe for you. The end goal is to get you back to a varied diet, free from symptoms. 

MRT/LEAP Testing for Food Sensitivities

Here are 5 tips before you get started!

1. Focus on why you are doing MRT testing.

What symptoms are you trying to get rid of? Digestive problems, migraines, etc?


Example of MRT/LEAP results

The sole purpose of the LEAP protocol is to FEEL BETTER, in simplest terms. We want to eliminate those debilitating symptoms you have been dealing with. The LEAP protocol starts with the least reactive foods in a series of 5 phases. The first phase includes takes about 5-7 days. The next week we begin adding in more foods to trial day by day, this is phase 2. This is followed by 3 more phases. If at any point the protocol is too limiting we can combine phases to give more opinions. I can help you determine how to best use the results depending on your age, cooking experience, lifestyle and food preferences.

2. Is there any one food you could not live without for 2 weeks?


I have gotten answers like coffee or even spinach! This is important because if the results come back that you are sensitive to this food, is that something you are prepared to take out so you can get to the baseline of being symptom free? It does not have to be cold turkey by any means. Especially with caffeine or coffee, these would need to be decreased slowly before starting phase one. Stopping cold turkey could give you withdraw symptoms like headaches and will not allow us to find the foods that are giving you symptoms. For example if might look like this, if you are currently consuming 4 cups a day, reduce one by one, then every other day etc. This may take a week or two, but that is ok!

3. Plan the timing for MRT testing.


If you will be going on vacation, traveling for work, having a birthday or celebrating a holiday it will be challenging to begin your LEAP protocol. Phase one is the most limiting so try to get started at a time where you can focus on YOU, your health and nutrition. As the phases progress with more and more foods that have been proven safe it is easier to eat out and on the run.

4. Remember the only thing that MRT testing will do is help you to feel better.

Unlike with food allergies there is no immediate threat from these foods. The only thing that will happen is to lessen or eliminate the symptoms you have been suffering with. Do not beat yourself up if you accidentally consume an item that is on your reactive list or if you have these foods if you are out to eat without other options. We can get around these challenges. Remember that it is the amount of reactive foods that you consume that will affect your symptoms.

5. Don’t panic if you are not feeling better in the first few days; that is typical.

By day 5-7 you should be feeling amazing- that is the expectation. For those that are very reactive it may take up to 10 days. If by day 6 you are not feeling amazing- email or call me and we will get to the bottom of it!

6. Need some inspiration to help you get more variety into your diet?

Check out the LEAP Food Sensitivity Survival Guide! This e-book contains over 30 infographics and recipe guides, as well as sample recipes to help you create simple, customizable, and delicious meal using the foods your body can tolerate. If you are interested in purchasing the e-book for $19.99 email dana@rbitzer.com 


What next?

Are you interested in finding what foods are causing you inflammation leading to unwanted symptoms such as IBS, migraines, or arthritis? Take the symptom survey and see how much these symptoms are affecting your life.


Schedule a consult with Dana Magee RD, LD, CLT to determine if LEAP is a good fit for you. Contact us at 301-474-2499 or email us here.

Dana Magee Registered Dietitian

Blog reviewed and updated December 2019.

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