Healthy ” Ice Cream ” Alternatives

Looking for healthy frozen dessert recipes? Ice cream is an American favorite especially during the hot summer month of August in Maryland. As Rebel Dietitians we enjoy ice cream and all kinds of frozen desserts.  Here are some cold, refreshing alternatives that you may not be aware of. Some of these are homemade recipes and others are available in your local grocery store. Remember food does not have to be labeled good or bad. Variety is key.

Healthier frozen dessert ideas

Have you ever thought about enjoying a grilled peach with your ice cream? Adding a grilled peach or fresh berries makes  healthy frozen desserts options easy.

Grilled Peaches and Ice Cream

Grilled Peaches and Ice Cream

Have you heard about nice cream for healthy frozen desserts ? Nice cream is made from bananas and it is so tasty, that nobody will have a clue that this dessert is made with fruit!

How to make Nice Cream Healthy Frozen Desserts

Take a look at this blog to show how you can easily make nice cream.

healthy summer dessert recipe frozen dessert

photo by Kaitlin Eckstein

Nice cream can also be called banana whip, but personally, I think that nice cream sounds so much better than banana whip.  Any way, here is the recipe for banana whip.

Homemade Banana Whip

Banana whip – also known as banana ice cream – is a great choice for people who love ice cream but are looking for a healthier alternative!  Banana ” Ice Cream ” with Only One Ingredient For those of you who have never heard of banana whip, it is a frozen banana that has been blended until it reaches the consistency of soft serve ice cream! Many ice creams shops have now started to sell this delicious dessert, which can be a great option when going out for ice cream with friends and family.

It is also easy to make at home.

Here’s how to prepare banana whip:

1.     Peel and slice bananas, then place them in the freezer (This should take around 2-3 hours)

2.     Once the banana slices are frozen, blend in a blender or food processor until they are the consistency of ice cream

healthy frozen desserts

Feeling adventurous? You can add peanut butter, chocolate, cinnamon, or other flavors of your choice. This is also a great snack for people who are lactose intolerant or vegan. Keep some in your freezer for those late night ice cream and sweet cravings!


Homemade Yonanas Banana (and other fruit flavored) Frozen Dessert

Yonanas is another, fun, delicious ice cream like healthy dessert made with bananas or other frozen fruit. Take a look at this blog for details. This also tastes like ice cream.

Nice Cream frozen dessert

If you are interested in a yonanas*, take a look at this link below.

Halo Top Frozen Desserts

The newest frozen dessert on the market is Halo Top. Here is what our Registered Dietitians and Nutrition Interns had to say about Halo Top:

Caitlin Weis, nutrition intern says, “Halo Top Vanilla Bean flavor was surprisingly delicious! The texture was similar to an icy, which is perfect for a cold summer treat!”

Dietitian Klara says, “Halo Top Vanilla Bean flavor was really good! It was nice to be able to eat it right out of the freezer and not having to wait to let it defrost.”

Dietitian Kaitlin says, “I was pleasantly surprised by Halo Top frozen dessert! The vanilla flavor was great, and it was soft and creamy right out of the freezer. Definitely a contender when choosing a sweet, frosty treat!”

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For more healthy dessert ideas:

Take a look at our blog on Healthy Desserts to Satisfy Any Sweet Tooth. Give our chocolate pudding or chocolate mousse recipe a try, one uses greek yogurt and the other uses tofu to make healthy frozen desserts !

healthy frozen desserts

And Healthy Summer Desserts that are not boring!

dessert tacos

Dessert Tacos (photo by Kaitlin Eckstein)


Please let us know what you think of our healthy frozen desserts recipes in the comments section below.

Blog updated June 2020.

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