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Hidden sources of sodium and how to decrease your daily sodium intake
The relationship between fruit and vegetable intake and hypertension


How to read labels to limit your sodium intake
Incorporate more herbs and spices into your cooking to enjoy flavorful meals without the sodium
Choose healthier low sodium options when grocery shopping and eating out


Stay accountable to lifestyle goals around activity, stress, and sleep to improve blood pressure
Reduce reliance on medications

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“I was amazed at what significant health achievements were being accomplished through implementing the lessons I have learned by working with Shelley. I am deeply indebted to Shelley for working with me in developing a plan that worked for me.”
“I cannot speak highly enough of Klara, she immediately made me feel at ease during my first appointment. I am really feeling safe working with her knowing that she is also in touch with my other doctors.”
“Kaitlin was very helpful.  She listened to what I said and offered great suggestions.”

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