Have you heard about LEAP/MRT Testing? If you are struggling with managing food sensitivity symptoms like diarrhea, you have probably heard of LEAP/MRT Testing.  Read more to find out exactly what is LEAP/MRT Testing.

Do you know there is a difference between food sensitivities and food allergies?

LEAP and MRT what are these and what do they have to do with food sensitivities? Although both are immune responses, allergic reactions cause a stronger negative response. This is why many food sensitivities go undetected by food allergy tests—the negative reaction just isn’t big enough for sensitivities to be identified.

Even though a food sensitivity has a smaller immune response, this isn’t to say that sensitivities don’t cause adverse reactions for a lot of people. If someone is sensitive to a certain food, they can have gas, constipation, bloating, fatigue, headaches… the list goes on!

What is LEAP/MRT Testing?

If you think you may be sensitive to certain foods, it’s important to get tested. The LEAP/MRT Test was specifically designed to detect food sensitivities we might have. The LEAP tests our bodies for so many different food sensitivities… this includes fruits, vegetables, meats, and even spices.

It is actually MRT testing and LEAP is the protocol.

Read below for some quotes of clients who found success through food sensitivity testing:

  • “I’m headache free for the first time in months! Is this was normal people feel like?”
  • “This is the answer we have been searching for these past two years!”
  • I am happy to report that she has returned to a regular school setting for her Jr. year in HS, is enjoying normal activities and is on the swim team.  Prior to LEAP she was never able to complete a swim practice without having to get out of the pool to go to the toilet or to vomit.”
  • “I wish I knew about LEAP when we were going to doctor to doctor . . .”

LEAP stands for:

  • Lifestyle
  • Eating
  • AND
  • Performance

More about food sensitivity testing and LEAP/MRT Testing:

LEAP stands for Lifestyle, Eating, and Performance. The LEAP program uses a blood analysis test called the Mediator Release Test (MRT) to identify “trigger foods”. This blood test is more sophisticated than the other blood tests that you may have had (like the ELISA IgG).

Your registered dietitian can work with your food sensitivities to develop a plan that works with your lifestyle. It may be difficult to avoid certain foods you may be sensitive here, so our RDs are here for support!

Our CLT’s have written a book to help you survive food sensitivities, take a look at  one of the pages here.

LEAP/MRT Testing

Food sensitivity one pan meal

Where can you get LEAP/MRT Testing?

Rebecca Bitzer and Associates offers LEAP/MRT testing. If you think you may have a food sensitivity, please call our office at 301-474-2499. We would love to answer any questions you may have about LEAP.

Blog reviewed and updated April 2020.

Rebecca Bitzer loves to empower Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs) and their clients.  Co-author of Welcome to the Rebelution: Seven steps to the nutrition counseling practice of your dreams and  Taste the Sweet Rebellion: Rebel against dieting.