5 Low Sodium Salad Dressing Recipes if you’re Watching your Sodium Intake

When you’re concerned about your sodium intake, sauces and condiments can be a huge contributor to salt in our diets. While there are low sodium salad dressing options on the shelves of the grocery store, you can also make your own to control the salt added (or completely omit altogether).  

5 Low Sodium Salad Dressing Recipes to Try this Year

low sodium salad dressing

Copycat Chipotle Honey Vinaigrette

You can always count on me to try a trending TikTok recipe. This came from a creator who originally went to Chipotle and ordered a quesadilla, then dipped it in their chipotle honey vinaigrette mixed with sour cream.

Now that it’s trending, people everywhere are having trouble getting hold of the meal, including the vinaigrette. So now we’re making our own copycat vinaigrette.

low sodium salad dressing

Avocado Caesar Dressing 

This creamy, flavorful caesar dressing is a great way to add variety to your salad dressing game. Most creamy dressings use a mayo base, so if you’re looking to get more unsaturated fats in your diet, an avocado base can be a great option. Check out our recipe for this tasty avocado caesar dressing

Avocado Caesar Dressing
salt free seasonings ranch

No Salt Ranch Seasoning 

Our no salt ranch seasoning is a great mixture of spices to have on hand. Keep it in your pantry to use in all types of recipes, including mixing into a dressing. Mix 1 tbsp of seasoning into 1/3 cup of mayo (or sour cream, or greek yogurt), and add 1 tbsp of milk at a time until desired consistency is reached. 

Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette

We love a mason jar salad as a convenient make ahead meal that travels well. This cilantro lime vinaigrette has lots of flavor and I like to pair it with a lot of different textures for a super satisfying meal!

mason jar meal prep for stress free week
cranberry recipes low sodium thanksgiving dinner

Cranberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

The holidays are behind us but you might still have a can of cranberry sauce tucked in your pantry. A great use of your whole berry cranberry sauce would be to use in a tangy salad dressing! I love a winter salad with roasted vegetables and this cranberry balsamic vinaigrette pairs perfectly! 

Low Sodium Recipe Inspiration

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