Chronic Kidney Disease

How We Can Help with Chronic Kidney Disease


What foods to eat to prevent the progression of kidney disease
What foods will help improve your blood work
How nutrition can hep you manage chronic kidney disease


Navigate the complexities of the “kidney diet” as it relates to sodium, potassium, phosphorus, and protein
Learn how to successfully meal plan for optimal kidney health


Feel confident in choosing food choices, both at home and out to eat
Learn how to manage a dual diagnosis of kidney disease and diabetes
Prevent reoccurring kidney stones

Happy Clients

“I was made to feel comfortable. She was easy to talk to and she listened. I really appreciate her explaining how to best manage my meals so that I can find balance. I have been making small changes that will have a big impact – thanks again.”
“Kaitlin was great, answering my endless questions and really listening to my thoughts. Can’t wait for the next meeting.”
“My visit went very well, Kaitlin provided me with a lot of insightful information and was able to make me feel better about my current health.”


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