You’ve probably heard by now that breakfast is an important part of your day! Some may say it’s even the most important meal of the day. Now this may be old news, but sometimes making breakfast happen each morning can be difficult! Our lives are busy, most people don’t get enough sleep, and that can just make for a hectic morning! Now you may have read my blog on foods to never eat for breakfast, which is full of ways to build a better breakfast. But what if you are literally running out the door every morning? I’ve gathered a few of my favorite on-the-go breakfasts that can fit into your speedy lifestyle!

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Here we go: On-the-Go Breakfasts

1. Overnight Oats

Ever heard of overnight oats? They are a simple and delicious way to have oatmeal, without having to cook anything! By mixing oats with milk and yogurt, and then letting it sit overnight, you can have a hearty breakfast on-the-go the next morning! You can even make a bunch ahead of time. Check out this recipe!

Don’t want to bother making your own overnight oats? Check out MUSH! They make overnight oats that are ready to eat, with no assembly required. All you need to do is stick it in your fridge and enjoy!


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2. Egg muffins on-the-go breakfasts

Egg muffins are a staple in my meal prep routine. I bake off a bunch of them on Sunday, then enjoy them throughout the week for an on-the-go breakfasts. What are they, you ask? They’re mini frittatas baked in muffin tins! They are an easy way to get a good source of protein in the morning.

Customize your egg muffins to fit whatever flavors you are craving for breakfast!

on-the-go breakfasts

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You can pack them full of your favorite veggies, and even add some cheese, bacon, or sausage for an extra bit of deliciousness. Try Veggie Egg Muffins with Goat Cheese for quick on-the-go breakfasts. You can make these quick bites with whole eggs or egg whites.

3. Homemade breakfast sandwich on-the-go breakfasts

This is super simple….take those egg muffins you already baked, and pop one on an English muffin. Breakfast sandwich, done.

As simple as it gets, yum!

on-the-go breakfasts

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4. Smoothie

Smoothies can be great grab-and-on-the-go breakfasts. But they do require a little of advanced prep. You can make a big batch of smoothies at the beginning of the week, pour them in jars, and then freeze them. The night before you want to enjoy a smoothie, pop it into the refrigerator to thaw overnight.  Mason Jars and Smoothies can help make breakfast simple.


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It’s ready to go in the morning! The best part of this smoothie hack? You only have to wash that pesky blender once! Check out this cranberry orange smoothie recipe!

5. Tortilla roll-up

Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated. Grab a tortilla, spread some peanut butter on it, plop a peeled banana on top of that peanut butter, and roll it on up! You’re ready to head out the door.

Wrap your fruit into a tortilla with peanut butter, and you have the easiest breakfast ever.

sandwich for breaktast

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You can be creative and use hummus, deli meat, hard boiled egg, mashed black beans and avocado…the possibilities are endless!

6. Breakfast burrito

Anything in a tortilla makes for an easy grab-and-go breakfast, so why not a breakfast burrito full of eggs for protein and heart healthy beans? You don’t have time to scramble eggs in the morning? No problem! You can make burritos ahead of time and stick them in the freezer! Just pop into the microwave, and you’re good to go!

Breakfast burritos are portable and handy when you need to have breakfast quickly.

on-the-go breakfasts

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The concept is simple. Fill each tortilla with scrambled egg, black beans, cheese, and any other desired fillings (like sautéed onions and diced potatoes). Make sure fillings are at room temperature before assembly so the tortilla won’t get soggy. Wrap each tortilla up tightly, then wrap tightly with plastic wrap. Stick them in the freezer and you’re done!

7. Greek yogurt with Fruit

Many of us at RBA are huge fans of the Chobani flips. Yogurt and crunchy toppings, all wrapped into one package. So convenient! Add some fresh fruit to round out the meal.

Add some fruit to your yogurt and your get a complete and portable meal.

on-the-go breakfasts

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Another favorite is Siggi’s yogurt! The company works hard to create a product that is lower in sugar and higher in protein. Top with a little high fiber cereal and fresh fruit, and you’re ready to go.

8. Chia pudding on-the-go breakfasts

Chia seeds are starting to gain popularity, and for a good reason! They’re full of fiber and healthy fat. The most interesting part about them is that they plump up when placed in liquid! You can make a chia pudding by mixing chia seeds with milk and let them sit overnight!

Flavor up your chia seed pudding with seasonal flavors, yummy!

on-the-go breakfasts

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9. Baked oatmeal

If you aren’t feeling the overnight oats because you like your oatmeal nice and hot, there’s still an option for you! Bake oatmeal in advance, cut into bars, then microwave when you’re ready to eat! You can then top it with whatever you want! Nuts, fruit, a smear of butter, a drizzle of syrup…it’s up to you!

Baked oatmeal is another way to get the fiber benefits of oats in a portable package.

on-the-go breakfasts

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10. Waffle sandwich

This is about as easy as it gets. Toast 2 whole grain frozen waffles to desired crispiness (is that a word?). Spread one waffle with peanut butter and banana slices, then top with the other waffle. Voila!

For an on-the-go waffle, top one waffle piece with some scrambled eggs and turkey sausage. Dress it up with some hot sauce if you desire.

waffle, top one waffle piece with some scrambled eggs and turkey sausage. Dress it up with some hot sauce if you desire.

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Breakfast does not have to be difficult! With a little planning, you can have quick and nutritious options ready to go each morning. Do you have a favorite on-the-go breakfasts that you like to make? Let us know in the comments below.

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