What to Order when Eating Out with Diabetes

Eating out with diabetes can seem daunting. What can I eat that won’t spike my blood sugars? There are so many carbs on this menu! Can I only get a salad or the grilled chicken sandwich without the bun?
eating out with diabetes
You can still eat out with diabetes and enjoy some of your favorite foods, all while managing your blood sugar! When it comes to stable blood sugars, there are a few factors that play a role. How much carbohydrate is in the meal, the type of carbohydrate, and what is eaten with the carbohydrate.
Take a hamburger bun for example. It’s probably 25-30 grams of carbohydrate. That bread will be digested relatively quickly, which in turn will cause blood sugar to start to rise. Now let’s layer on some fiber and protein, and digestion slows and blood sugar does not rise as quickly and stays more stable.
So how do we get that fiber and protein? Well your bun is the carbohydrate, and the burger patty gives you protein. Great! We’re starting off with a pretty balanced meal. Do they have a whole wheat option? Well that adds fiber. Or is there a vegetable side dish you can add for more fiber? All of these things will help stabilize your blood sugar.
Our eating out with diabetes series takes you through the menus of some popular fast food restaurants and shows how to build a meal that stays within a carb goal of 45-60 grams of carbs, while also taking into account protein and fiber!

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