Worried about how to manage your diabetes over the holidays?

Did you know November is National Diabetes Month? It is so appropriate to talk about manage your diabetes in November, right before Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day.

This is just one of the many reasons to spread awareness of this disease!

Over 25 million adults and children in the United States have been diagnosed, and an additional 7 million people don’t even know they have diabetes. Additionally, a whopping 79 million are on the road to becoming a diabetic. However, a diagnosis of diabetes is not the end! Once blood sugars are controlled, complications of diabetes can be minimized and quality of life will be greatly improved. Controlling blood sugar takes time and effort, and unfortunately, isn’t something that can be put on hold for the holiday season. See recipe for honey mustard turkey.


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The holidays are a time for giving thanks, spending time with family and friends, observing your religion, and enjoying yourself.  It’s also a great time to prepare homemade favorites and traditional foods that remind you of the holiday spirit.  Controlling your diabetes through the holidays is something that is possible!  Let Rebecca Bitzer & Associates help you learn how to control your diabetes through the holiday months and beyond.  Our dietitians are able to help you manage your blood sugars, teach you about carbohydrate counting, carbohydrate exchanges, insulin pump training, portion control, meal plans, weight loss and anything else you may need. Here are a few tips to make it more controlling your diabetes more manageable:

How to manage your diabetes over the holidays:

The holidays are a time to spend time with family and friends, focus on this first and the food that comes along with it last

diabetes friendly thanksgiving manage your diabetes

Choose your favorite foods and take small portions to start. You can always go back to get more if you are still hungry!

salt free seasonings chili

Don’t feel obligated to eat items that you aren’t interested in. Don’t feel guilty, just because a certain person made the dish doesn’t mean you have to eat it.


Fill your plate with veggies and be choosy about which carbohydrates you put on your plate

manage your diabetes

Don’t let yourself get overstuffed, this will cause your blood sugars to spike and leave you feeling lethargic and left out of the festivities


Take a 10 to 15 minute walk around the block after the meal to decrease your blood sugar

Monitor your blood sugars.

manage your diabetes

Most importantly enjoy the holidays!

More resources to manage your diabetes

We also have a large database of recipes that we have tested, photographed and noted which ones are diabetes friendly and specific to a wide variety of conditions.  Stay tuned for more holiday blogs coming soon.

manage your diabetes

Our favorite cookbook to manage your diabetes

For easy to cook diabetes-friendly recipes, take a look at our cooking with diabetes cookbook.

cooking with diabetes

Our diabetes expert can help you manage your diabetes

Kaitlin Williams, MPH, RD, LD, one of our Registered Dietitians, is able to offer an individualized approach to treating your diabetes by looking at the big picture which includes your medications, blood sugar levels, food choices and lifestyle. She is able to help you make your health a priority and create a better roadmap to obtaining a life free from the complications of diabetes.

For more information on our diabetes programs, take a look at this link.

If you are interested in meeting with Kaitlin or one of our registered dietitians, click here or call 301-474-2499 to make an appointment today! 

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