How to Use Salt Free Seasonings in Your Cooking

Sodium has become a big nutrition buzzword recently, with many health professionals talking about reducing your overall salt intake and using salt free seasonings in your cooking. You might be wondering, what’s the point? Well, some health conditions, like high blood pressure or kidney disease, may require you to eat a low sodium diet, and if not managed properly can lead to other health complications like stroke or a need for dialysis.

The American Heart Associations recommends less than 2300 mg sodium per day, with an ideal limit of less than 1500 mg per day for those with high blood pressure and kidney disease. Just for reference, 2300 mg is equal to about 1 tsp of salt per day! And remember, that 2300 mg includes all sources of sodium, not just the salt we use to season our food.  Other high sources of sodium include bread, cold cuts, canned food, soups and many other packaged ingredients.

Why should I make my own salt free seasonings?

When you are trying to lower your salt intake, every little bit can help bring down the total number of sodium you eat in a day. One quick way to help bring that number down is using more seasonings without salt. And while those pre-made seasoning packets from the grocery store are convenient, often have a lot of sodium in them. So, what is someone to do? The good news is that making your own salt free seasoning mixes is easier than you may think! And you probably have a lot of the ingredients in your cupboard right now.

herb mixtures

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How else can I give my food flavor when using seasoning without salt?

If you are worried that using salt free seasonings will leave you a flavorless meal, don’t fret! Try adding some acidity to your meal using citrus fruits like lemon or lime, or specialty vinegars (one of my favorites is basil vinegar!) to give your dish unique flavors.

You can also try marinating your proteins with the seasonings and some heart healthy oil such as olive oil or avocado oil to infuse more flavor into the protein. Other dishes, such as chili or stews, develop a better flavor after sitting in the fridge overnight, so don’t be afraid to make it ahead and bring it out the next day for more added flavor without the sodium.

6 Flavorful Salt Free Seasonings

These are some of our favorite salt free seasonings! Don’t be afraid to make a big batch and store in an airtight container so it is ready to use whenever you need it!

herb mixtures

Photo by Kristin Jenkins


salt free seasonings greek

Greek Seasoning

Greek food is one of my favorite cuisines! Try marinating some chicken breast with our no sodium Greek seasoning and some lemon juice, then baked it and serve with this cucumber noodle salad.

Taco Seasoning

Tacos are a crowd favorite and can become the ultimate 30-minute meal with our no sodium taco seasoning and these beef tacos. Plus, you can make a delicious round 2 meal using the leftover taco meat and bring a taco salad for lunch the next day!

Low sodium taco seasoning
No-Sodium Montreal Steak Seasoning

Montreal Steak Seasoning

Steak night doesn’t have to disappear on a low sodium diet, try our Montreal steak seasoning and season up your favorite cut for this delicious steak and asparagus salad.

Chili Seasoning

Who can argue with a good bowl of chili during the winter time? I love to keep this no sodium chili seasoning on hand to make black bean and turkey chili for the ultimate meal prep meal.

salt free Seasoning for chili
No Sodium BBQ Dry Rub

BBQ Seasoning

The BBQ flavor doesn’t have to be reserved for the summer time. Try this no sodium BBQ seasoning with our BBQ chicken wings that can be made in the oven and the air fryer!

Ranch Seasoning

And last, but certainly not least, is our no sodium ranch seasoning. This is one of my favorites, and can be used on our chicken ranch sheet pan meal or with some Greek yogurt to make a dip to serve with vegetables or this delicious buffalo cauliflower.

salt free seasonings ranch

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Blog reviewed and updated May 2023.

Klara Knezevic is a registered dietitian nutritionist based in Maryland. She has over a decade of experience in the nutrition field and currently serves as the CEO and co-owner of Rebecca Bitzer and Associates, one of the largest nutrition private practices in the country. Klara is passionate about sharing practical nutrition tips to help you feel confident in the choices that you make. Coauthor ofCooking with Food Sensitivities Survival GuideandNourished: 10 Ingredients to Happy, Healthy Eating.