Dairy free crock pot recipes can be super helpful to have on hand in case you or a family member are dairy free and you need to make meals happen that everyone will enjoy. There are so many slow cooker recipes like soups, stews, casserole type meals that utilize cheese, cream, or milk. If you need a little variety in your meal rotation, we’ve rounded up 30 crock pot ideas that may help! 

Why Crock Pot Recipes? 

If you’re like me, you remember the episode of This Is Us where the house burns down because of the crock pot. I remember hearing that slow cooker sales tanked after that (but I don’t know if that’s actually true).

I know some people are a little leery of leaving their crock pot on all day when they’re not home. That’s understandable. But the convenience of dumping a bunch of ingredients in the crock pot and then leaving it to do the work? That’s pretty nice. 

Typically my use of the crock pot is that it is on all day while I’m home and awake (Sunday meal prep anyone?) or I crank it up to high so I can get it done faster and then go on about my day. 

It can also be helpful to utilize alternative cooking methods to free up oven space for other meal prep if you’re trying to get multiple meals made at once. 

Why Dairy Free (DF) Recipes?

I have nothing against dairy. Personally, I tolerate cow’s milk so I do utilize it in my day to day. However, that is not the case for everyone. We want to have recipes for every body, every condition. So if you’re dairy free, these are for you. If you’re not dairy free, these are also for you. Because they’re delicious. 

I enjoy adding variety into my day and trying new things, so I like to incorporate coconut milk and other milk alternatives to make things creamy and delicious. You can also make most things dairy free (like our DF lasagna) by purchasing DF products (ike DF ricotta and DF mozzarella).

violife mozzarella shreds and tofutti ricotta as dairy free alternatives

I also wanted to quickly mention that some of these recipes from our round up come from other blogs, including ones that follow specific diet plans (ie Whole 30). While we do not recommend restrictive dieting like that, you can still utilize the recipes and food products created from these trends to help you with your dairy free eating. 

30 Dairy Free Crock Pot Recipes to Add to Your Rotation

Main Dishes 

Meats and Stews 


Soups and Chilis


Side Dishes

cooking dried beans


bowl of oatmeal topped with raisins, brown sugar, and chia seeds

Need more dairy free ideas that don’t use a crock pot? Check out our recipe page which can be filtered by different conditions, ingredients, and cooking methods. 

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